Martin Cracauer's clock divider calculator

Please fill in desired clocks below:

CPU clock: min max Typically between 2400 and 2900 MHz, depends on what your CPU can do.
Memory clock:min maxTypically between 200 and 270 MHz, depends on what your memory can do.
Max LDT:
max Typically 300-400, depends on what your mainboard can do (in doubt, leave at 400).
Max CPU multiplier:
max Typically around 9 - 12, depends on what AMD put into your locked multiplier (example: set to 12 for a 2.4 GHz stock CPU).
Omit rare memory dividers? Check this if your mainboard doesn't have DDR360, DDR300 etc.
Do fractional CPU dividers? Normally I don't print non-Integer CPU multiplier like 8.5 and 9.5.
Sort by: "Result quality" means mainly maxing out CPU freq, and a secondary goal of maxing out memory frequency to the limits you gave.